Face Mandel Cleanser Gel 10%


It is a cosmetic preparation based on mandelic acid useful for cleansing the skin in a complete but delicate way, making the skin’s pH uniform and at the same time respecting its physiological balance. Its delicate cleansing action leaves the skin soft, hydrated and perfectly clean. It is very useful to prepare the skin for a treatment with Mandelic peel solution.

How to use
Moisten a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face and neck, paying attention to the eyes. As a preparation for the exfoliating treatment, it must be applied in the areas to be subjected.

Active Ingredients
Mandelic acid, salicylic
Extract of: epilobium, achillea, linden, calendula, ginseng

Volume 125ml (500ml solo per Professionisti)

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125ml, 500ml