An intensive whitening cream that reduces hyperpigmentation.
Skin dyschromia is linked to the abnormal accumulation of the melanin pigment. The synergy of α-arbutine and kojic acid acts on the enzymatic process of melanin formation, particularly on the tyrosinase enzyme, inhibits the production of new one and reduces the activity of melanocytes. This right balance of functional ingredients works as a whole complex that contributes to skin whitening.

Directions for use:
Apply morning and night on the face, neck, cleavage and hands after cleansing. Massage lightly until complete absorption.
This product can be used along with any other beauty products.
UV exposure is not advised during the treatment. Sun radiation can cause photosensitivity phenomena.
The whitening effect can be seen after thirty days, time necessary to change skin’s top layers.

Active ingredients:
α-ARBUTINE blocks tyrosinase selectively inhibiting tyrosinase and melanin oxidation. Works as a skin whitener and brightener, reduces hyperpigmentation.
KOJIC ACID blocks the processes responsible for spots formation and hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone.
GLUCURONIC ACID lightens and brightens effectively. Inhibits melanogenesis blocking tyrosinase.
AZELAIC ACID its action is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase. It has a powerful whitening and anti-spots effect with sebum normalizing, smoothing and antibacterial qualities.
LUMISKIN (DIACETYL BOLDINE) enhances skin luminosity and lessens melanin production.

Volume 50 ml

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