Salt Bandage Liquid is a ready-to-use solution based on mineral oceanic salts, enriched with extracts of algae fucus and horse chestnut, which provide a powerful drainage effect, enhance losing weight and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Ocean salt nourishes with minerals, restores blood circulation, relaxes muscles and gives a feeling of lightness.

Directions for use:
The product is for professional use only.
Take the needed amount of product to wet bandages. Wrap in using the dressing technique according to the instructions. Wrapping time is about 20-30 minutes. After the procedure, rinse off a liquid from skin.

Active ingredients:
OCEANIC SALT has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, reactivates the circulation, relaxes muscles and tones. Provides a draining and exfoliating effect. Actively counteracts degenerative processes within the tissues, regenerating and vitalizing skin, because of a high presence of magnesium, zinc, calcium.
FUCUS saturates with minerals. The presence of iodine and ionic mineral salts has a strengthening effect on weakened tissues and a lipolytic effect on body fat. Salt water contained in algae promotes drainage and helps to reduce fluid stasis and the appearance of cellulite.
HORSE CHESTNUT helps against fluid stasis and improves blood circulation. Flavonoids and escin stimulate collagen production. Has vasoconstrictor properties and protects blood vessels, improves blood circulation and nourishes tissues.
CINNAMON stimulates blood microcirculation.

Volume 500 ml

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