For perfect hydration and nourishment of all skin types, also for skin regeneration and recovery after aggressive facial treatments.
The gorgeous mandelic acid-based cream mask with an antioxidant effect for the first signs of skin aging reduces the feeling of tightness, soothes skin, makes it sleek and firm, ensures beautiful complexion. Intensifies processes of cell turnover and regeneration, restores the epidermal barrier, deeply moisturizes, nourishes skin, fills it with energy and inner radiance.

Directions for use:
Apply on cleansed skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wipe any excess mask off with a wet towel. Apply Face Mandel Cream.

Active ingredients:
MANDELIC ACID (5%) gentle exfoliating, strengthening, regenerative, antibacterial effect, removes hyperpigmentation
SALICYLIC ACID (0,2%) high keratoplastic abilities, smoothening, bacteriostatic and soothing effect
EPILOBIUM EXTRACT softening and brightening effect for delicate sensitive skin
LINDEN EXTRACT soothes and hydrates
AVOCADO OIL hydrates, soothes, stimulates fibroblasts and collagen production
CLAY absorber, cleanser, balancing effect
ALLANTOIN hydrates, soothes redness
ALPHA BISABOLOL smoothens and soothes

Volume 200 ml airless