A product with the high concentration of active ingredients which are deeply far-reaching and specific for the treatment of anti-aesthetic subcutaneous adipose deposits.
Its effectiveness is aimed at normalizing a loss of firmness typical for cellulite.
Ivy and Butcher’s broom extracts reduce extra-vasal infiltration and stagnation of liquids (edema) and improve the microcirculation helping to achieve the drainage of tissues. The visible macroscopic effect consists in making less visible and less perceptible by touch lipid nodules encapsulated in the subcutaneous tissue.
Fucus extract and organic iodine return the normal lipid metabolism. They accelerate the turnover of excessive triglycerides accumulated in superficial fat cells (adipocytes) which are responsible for the anti-aesthetic effect of the typical “orange peel skin”.

Directions for use:
The minimum estimated period for the treatment to achieve objective results is 30 days with 1, if possible 2, daily application followed by an optional maintenance period of 2 weekly applications for the next 2 months.
The concentrate must be applied with massage motions from bottom to top to promote both active penetration and mechanical draining effect.
Apply a cream on the required areas massaging until complete absorption. The appearance of a light redness along with a sensation of warmth is normal and only characteristic of the product.
The product for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Apply only on intact and healthy skin. Wash your hands accurately after use.

Active ingredients:
BUTCHER’S BROOM EXTRACT regulates the normal lipid balance
IVY EXTRACT strengthens capillaries, improves lymphatic drainage
SEA KELP EXTRACT fat-burning, drainage, decongestant effect
ORGANIC IODINE drainage effect, improves the microcirculation
THYME ESSENTIAL OIL stimulates, removes tissue fluids
ALLANTOIN softening, keratoplastic effect

Volume 10×5 ml

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