This beauty treatment specific for atonic breast and neckline gives the skin tone, compactness and elasticity. The elements contained in the product improves the hydration of horny outer layer and reconstruction of lipid layers. Its action boosts the re-epithelizing process and improves skin elasticity.
A constant use of the product gives very good results in case of breast tone loss, giving turgidity. It is also perfect for the prevention of skin relaxation during pregnancy or diets. In these cases a regular use prevents stretch mark formation. Rich in plant oils, vitamins and essential oils, it is a pleasant addition to massage procedures providing elasticity and tone to the breast.

Directions for use:
Apply daily on the breast and neckline with gentle circular movements until complete absorption. Perfect as a night mask. Repeat the treatment 3-4 times a year.

Active ingredients:
JOJOBA OIL nourishing, emollient, eudermic
SWEET ALMOND OIL emollient, elasticity enhancer
AVOCADO OIL elasticity enhancer, the hydrolipidic film normaliser
ROSA MOSQUETA OIL emollient, cell regulator, decongestant
VITAMIN E free radical defense, antioxidant
VITAMIN A epithelium regenerator, elasticity enhancer
YARROW EXTRACT tones, moisturizes and softens
EUCALYPTUS OIL tones, refreshes

Volume 10×5 ml

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