The high concentration of active ingredients contained in the product ensures full hydration.
It is recommended to be used periodically in cycles of 20 days and repeated during the year, especially after winter to prepare the skin for sun exposure and after summer to lessen the damaging effects of being under UV rays.

The treatment of wrinkles involves several mechanisms of action and works at many levels:
– hydration of the horny outer layer and hydrolipidic film reconstruction;
– stimulation of cutaneous cell metabolism;
– use of antioxidant and anti-radical substances;
– stimulation of the cutaneous microcirculation.

Directions for use:
Gently pat onto the skin until complete absorption before applying a cream or mask. Do not rinse off. Since the base of phialoids is water gel, it is necessary to cover it with a cream. Designed to be used over a course.

Active ingredients:
HYALURONIC ACID super moisturizer, plasticizer of the dermal matrix
GINSENG EXTRACT tones and stimulates cellular metabolism
HYDROLYZED PHYTO ELASTIN IN LIPOSOMES highly bioavailable elasticizing ingredient
HYDROLYZED PHYTO COLLAGEN IN LIPOSOMES highly bioavailable dermo-compacting ingredient
VERBENA ESSENTIAL OIL metabolic stimulator, enhances absorption
VITAMIN E antioxidant, anti-radicals
VITAMIN A tissue and epithelium regenerator

Volume 10 x 5 ml

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