Body Mandel Gel (pH 3.0)


The delicate peel based on acids effectively exfoliates and cleanses skin, increases its elasticity, boosts collagen production, enhances the ability of tissues to keep moisture and protects from ingrown hair. Skin becomes soft and hydrated, roughness is reduced, skin tone is evened out.
Prepares skin for the application of next products.

Apply a thin layer of the product on bare cleansed skin. Leave on for 7-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water using nonwoven napkins.

Active ingredients:
MANDELIC ACID 15% exfoliating, firming, regenerating, antibacterial effect, removes hyperpigmentation
SALICYLIC ACID 0,5% keratoplastic, smoothening, bacteriostatic and soothing effect
EPILOBIUM EXTRACT softening, brightening effect
YARROW EXTRACT softens and protects
LINDEN EXTRACT hydrates and soothes
MARIGOLD EXTRACT softens, soothes, improves the formation of epithelium
GINSENG EXTRACT improves elasticity

Volume 500 ml

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