Daily ANTI-AGING beauty routine


The daily anti-aging beauty routine combines a line of special regenerating and nourishing products, and its daily synergistic activity guarantees a professional, effective and long-term result.

This treatment is recommended for photoaging skin, where signs of aging and stresses are visibly noticed on the face. The formula based on active Alpine Star plant stem cells guarantees a safe and effective age-defying result due to high regenerative, antioxidant and hydrating qualities contained in products.

After a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and cleavage with the help of Face Mandel Cleanser Gel, a delicate peel, apply a few drops of High Regeneration Plant Stem Cells Phialoids, patting it in, using fingers, and finally apply Anti-age Plant Stem Cell of Edelweiss Cream, slightly massaging the skin until complete absorption.

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