Daily ANTI-ACNE beauty routine


The daily anti-acne beauty routine combines a line of special products for problematic and acne-prone skin, and its daily synergistic activity guarantees a professional, effective and long-term result.

This treatment provides a keratolytic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect, regulates the production of skin secretions, and also reduces lesions of unclean and oily skin. Azelaic acid diminishes sebum produced by the sebaceous glands and has an antibacterial effect, vitamin F restores the balance of skin’s sebum.

After a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and cleavage with the help of Face Oxigen Gel, which will eliminate all impurities and excess sebum, continue using delicate Face Mandel Cleanser Gel, and finally apply Anti-Acne Azelaic Acid Cream, slightly massaging the skin until complete absorption.

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