Special line OXIGEN BHA

OXIGEN PEEL is 2% salicylic acid peeling, which is ideal for the treatment of skin with acne at active phase. Salicylic acid is Beta hydroxy acid (BHA).

The main advantage of salicylic acid is as follows: being similar to aspirin, it prevents post-treatment irritation. It is the anti-inflammatory property of salicylic acid, which makes peeling with Beta hydroxy acid to be safer and more effective. Due to its physical characteristics, salicylic acid penetrates into the sebaceous glands, having an astringent effect, and thus reduces the sebum production.

  • This product is very effective scrub, it facilitates the expulsion of comedones
  • Salicylic acid containing in the product penetrates into the sebaceous glands and reduces sebum production
  • It has keratolytic effect, i.e. it dissolves the keratin plugs, which usually cause inflamed blackheads, and also dissolves the deposits of keratin that enlarges the pores
  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves the skin appearance, removes blemishes, and evens out your skin tone
  • In spite of substantial scrubbing effect, it is compatible with a normal resumption of social life from the day following the day of the treatment

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