It is a special serum for the area around eyes and lips, and décolletage zone. Due to its high concentration of functional active ingredients, it provides a firming effect and cures hypotonia of skin.
The serum is enriched by oils, plant waxes and extracts, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamins, escin liposomes, capable of reaching the deeper skin layers, and high technological smoothing polymers.

Directions for use:
Apply on the eye contour, face, neck and décolletage zone, gently patting it in until complete absorption. The serum can be applied in synergy with any cosmetic treatment or makeup products.

Active ingredients:
HYALURONIC ACID deep hydration, structures water molecules
ESCIN LIPOSOMES defenses blood vessels, stimulates the microcirculation, restores elasticity
JOJOBA OIL nourisining and soothing effect, regenerates the protective barrier of skin
SHEA BUTTER nourishing, regenerating and elasticizing effect
AVOCADO OIL elasticizing effect, normalizes the hydrolipid layer.
CALENDULA EXTRACT boosts cellular metabolism
VITAMIN E protects from radicals, antioxidant

Volume 30 ml

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