This plant product retards the growth of hair. It is consisted of Geranium essence, Melissa and Arnica oil tinctures and plant oils. Applied on the skin after depilation, it acts protectively on the follicles. Regular applications can improve hair regrowth up to 80%.

Directions for use:
Recommended after depilation with intense pulse light (IPL), laser and traditional methods. Apply an adequate amount of the product on the required areas and use for the next two or three days after depilation. To reduce hair on the face or in cases of hypertrichosis or hirsutism a regular daily application is recommended.

Active ingredients:
GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL keratolytic effect on the hair papilla retarding the hair growth
MELISSA ESSENTIAL OIL sedative, cooling, antispasmodic action
ARNICA MONTANA ESSENTIAL OIL anti-inflammatory, analgesic action, improves the circulation
RICE OIL protective, shielding, emollient and demulcent effect
CAROTENE sebum normaliser for the treatment of dry skin with no lipids

Volume 10×5 ml

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